Arcop is also the master planner and urban designer for the 570 Acre campus of IIT Hyderabad. Arcop is also responsible to provide urban design and infrastructure design guidelines to all the building zones also know as Quads of IITH.

Arcop is also commissioned to design the architecture of the Academic buildings for the campus. In phase 1 Arcop has designed Quad AD4 which includes three Academic Buildings for Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Department. In phase 2 Arcop is designing Quad AD1 which includes Academic Buildings for Chemistry, Bio tech, Bio Med, & Material Science Department.

The Academic buildings include lecture halls, student rooms, faculty and Student office, departmental library & administration, Teaching and Research Laboratories of various disciplines including high-tech spaces, clean rooms etc.

The Academic buildings are designed such that their function also contributes to their architecture. For examples, Civil Engineering Building has been designed with idea that the building itself is a lab demonstrating various civil engineering techniques & systems. The building has been constructed with Exposed concrete structure connected with Exposed Steel structure with bridges. Mechanical Engineering building has been designed with an atrium which reflects as a cut section of the engine. Atrium has been designed as a crank shaft connecting various open spaces on all levels.

All the academic building have bee crafted with multiple open spaces and break out zones at various levels in the buildings. These buildings are designed with high efficient services and utility systems. All the buildings are green buildings and target Griha 3 ratings. All the buildings , Quads Landscape and Master Plan is designed as a Barrier free design. Special importance is given to mobility of students, pedestrians and cyclists. All Vehicular Movement and Services movement are planned such that they feed the buildings but do not interfere with the pedestrian and cycle movement.

The Quad Landscape has been designed to host various events and gatherings of the students. Ample of shaded outdoor spaces for students to sit, discuss and work has been planned. The organised bicycle parking, street furniture and lighting has been carefully incorporated in the quads.

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