The IT / ITES SEZ is a vibrant and thriving business center that creates a work environment that accords with the Indian way of life. At the same time it will have an international flavor so that companies from all around the world feel at home here. A distinct identity and a vibrant open space program will make this a memorable campus. Environmental and cultural sustainability will be its hall mark.

Some of the salient features of the proposed development should be:-

• Energy and Space Efficiency

• Transport and traffic planning

• Safety & security

• Majority consists of low rise buildings (G+5 structure), with modular planning.

• Typical Floors: Floor plate of approx. 80,000 Sqft with division of 4 office space of approx. 20,000 sqft. each.

• Escalators to be main mode of vertical transportation inside building.

• Restricted number of entrance, presently only one entry/exit point from 35 M wide road.

• Drop off of employees ferrying cabs, buses, private taxis only at surface/ground level.

The plan has three main spaces that will give it landscape relief – a main gathering lawn, central gardens and an associated walking circuit, and a sports court area. The walking circuit is designed to connect all the buildings to the incubation center which is envisaged as a restaurant and recreation building.

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