The master plan for IIT Hyderabad campus envisioned for a 100 year growth period presented us with a unique design challenge. Various zones are created for varied functions: Academic, Student and Faculty Residential and Recreational zones etc. are interwoven by series of Green Nodes and a dense urban forest. The campus is a synergistic integration of various natural and cultural elements such that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

IIT Hyderabad is designed with a modular flexibility for expansion using key concepts of self-sustenance and green technologies such as continuous dense green zones, generation of micro climate by introducing lakes, ponds and smaller green zones, etc. The planning and design process was undertaken in phases. Five phases of work centred around exhaustive and detailed space program and providing a clear understanding of the background and needs of the institution and current strengths and trends, while stimulating physical and intellectual growth.

The aim was to create a campus that will provide the environment for a continued legacy of world class education that makes IIT an icon of exemplary institution.

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