Along a scenic drive through rugged valleys and hills, a tower from afar beckons one to the Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort. The complex comprising of a beautiful boulevard, the resort and villas, greets one with a series of ponds that lead to the main entrance of the resort- the first in the complex. Clad in random rubble masonry and screens, the bastion like columns herald the portico of the arrival court that impresses by its sheer starkness. This is unfold in a succession of what turns out to be an articulate ensemble of built form and landscape that reveal themselves majestically as one progress through the complex. The premium rooms of the resort emerging gradually from amidst the bermed landscape define the definite relationship that the architecture has with the ground.

The undulating terrain of the site was artfully designed by creating open air plazas and courts. The play of spaces is simple yet elegant with elements such as pergolas, pavilions, space frames and the complimenting flora interconnecting the units. This fundamental is carried through in the design of the villas and the clubhouse that celebrate nature in its pristine form, which was set as a theme for the project. The built masses of the villas are accentuated by the sandstone louvers, which create an eloquent streetscape while the intimate scale of the private court of the resort homes is expressive of a rustic milieu. A close relation to the connectivity of the luscious green of the golf course wrapped by the villas and the club house highlights the integrated space as the design basis.

The clubhouse is an experience into itself with its vast spatial entrance. The huge columns mark its architectural vocabulary of creating a sense of grandeur associated with this iconic building of the complex. A variety of spaces from the intimate lobby of the spa to the mid-sized party room and then the exquisite restaurant provides for a mix of gathering spaces for the elite group for which the complex is intended. The pool deck and its connection with the outdoor party terrace, the extra high ceiling veranda and by the grand staircase is a visual and spatial delight making a constant reference to the golfing green – the raison d’etre of the project. A conference centre is also integrated with the resort complex as an additional public facility.

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