The Golf Estate Is M3M Groups signature multi-storeyed residential project that spans over 62 acres located in Sector 65 of Gurgaon. The project attempts to create an idyllic high-end golfing by focusing on all aspects of new lifestyle and recreational environment. The entire project boasts of 1O0 % built up area and more than 90% open, or rather 100% of landscaped area as the landscape flows under and above the towers binding the entire site together.

The golf is the key element that not only identifies the project but creates the exclusivity and status that today's society demands for itself. The architectural concept and design has been developed by Arcop Group, based in Montreal, Canada and is being implemented today by Arcop Associate’s, India.

Mostly, the Building exterior has two important facades, the Front and the Rear, both making bold but contrasting statements. The front facade has building undulations and lavish terraces overlooking the golf. It is where one can relax in the evenings or have Sunday brunch with their families against a backdrop of both passive and active landscape. The aluminium movable shades along the terrace railing unite the facades of al blocks as well as provide the necessary shading. All apartments have a golf view.

The Rear facade portrays a unanimous front of unique vision. The blocks of varying heights are tied together and a staggered rhythm Is achieved with the play of solid wall, glazing and yellow tinted aluminium panels which wraps around the entire ring of buildings. Projections of balconies are not allowed on this face and this is what helps it to make a unique statement. The bold pattern set by the elevations are broken with only a few high rise blocks which stand tall and proud and follow no rules

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