The Corporate headquarters for the Jaypee Group is getting constructed on a 42,000 square meter in Noida, India.

The principal challenges were to create a functional, technologically modern facility, expressing each of the different subsidiaries within a unifying corporate identity while creating an identity rooted in the Indian cultural context.

The program was fixed at 44,400 square meter built up above grade facility including space for 1800 full time workstations, two cafeterias, an auditorium, a library and below grade facility of parking 1200 cars. The program also calls for the creation of a new shuttle bus route to facilitate employee access from New Delhi.

The interweaving of passive and active technological solutions creates a project in which contemporary office standards are maintained while rooting the project's character in local cultural traditions. High tech elements are subsidiary to traditional building components of roof, structure and screens.

Through the careful manipulation of scale and proportion, the proposed projects monumental character is continuation of the Indian tradition of significant building and urban design. This design creates a building that is rooted in history and is yet unmistakably contemporary, and one in which its distinct character and expression will not be overshadowed by future high density urban developments.

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