Site comes under the NT (Jumeirah Village Triangle) at 'Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed' road in Dubai and has almost fixed massing, planning, and building placement bye-laws dictated by NT authority. The most significant flexibility by the NT is the unlimited height in the FAR limit. From the client's end it is a strong mandate to efficiently utilize the entire permissible FAR.

It is quite a challenging task to produce a piece of architecture respecting the surroundings, diligently following the all side tight bye-laws, meeting the client's expectations with desired efficiency while maintaining its identity and not compromising the aesthetics anywhere.

There are two towers with a height difference of 6 floors. This height difference makes them more associative in appearance unlike equals (which seem like indulging for self-identity) and thus the duo make a pleasing pair.

Unit planning is straight forward in nature and spacious and accommodates more than fundamental luxuries and go with the modern trends and culture of living in Dubai.

To add interest and attraction to the towers terraces are proposed at regular intervals on all sides. Towers in themselves are on contemporary lines without being out-spoken and thus complementing the present day Architecture in the world around.

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