A gated low rise residential community

Integrating with Mainland Meerut's other key developments of Hotel and Shopping/ Retail Centre is a secluded community of 538 homes. Accessed through an exclusive arrival experience with complete security, one enters the landscape preserved of this residential enclave.

Entrance itself is not a gate but an experience through a landscaped paved plaza that is the arrival. Landscape at the entry becomes the soul of the project, unifying the various elements together.One side of the development is a Hotel and Shopping Centre.

The residences themselves are grouped in elegant building forms just within the tree line ensuring every house has a green aspect and the possibility of house among the tress and chirping birds.

The access of the lobbies of the building is at the stilt level. The road network is peripheral ensuring all the residents unhindered access to the gardens through a pedestrian pathway that does not cross any road.



The built form comprises of 30 low rise, low density blocks restricted to G+4 storeys with 4 apartments to each core. The homes are in a variety of 2 and 3 bedroom options.

Every tower is provided with stilt parking and open parking along the boundary wall.

The design of each building is such that all apartments have views into the green like flanges through a central core. The building form seems to float into the landscape enjoying a sense of individuality and freedom of space which all together provides a unique environment of sunny vistas, shaded walkways, and splashes of green foliage against the pigment of the building.

The residential units are impeccably designed with thought behind each space, the inter relationships of activities in a house – the need for private spaces and formal spaces. Every home has an entrance lobby, living dining space opening up on to large terrace. Kitchen with well sized utility balconies and bedrooms with lots of light and ventilation. Efficiently designed bathrooms with carefully designed plumbing.

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